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Fundraising includes articles on raising money for organizations, political campaigns and specific causes; peer-to-peer fundraising using tools like Causes and ChipIn; using social networking and network-centric organizing to ensure self-funding projects; and nonprofit integration of content management systems, donor databases and email communications suites.

1 March 2011

The Community TechKnowledge Foundation announced today a grant of $10,000 for a nonprofit that submits a description of their mission — in the form of a poem. Along with the grant, the poetry will be turned into a song by Bill Dillon; there are also secondary prizes for $5,000, $1,000, and guitars autographed by members of Los Lonely Boys. The deadline is March 28.

17 December 2010

Google has initiated a project it calls Chrome for a Cause, in which every person who uses its Chrome browser will generate a small donation for each tab that they open.

It’s great that Google is directing money to nonprofits, and letting people decide where those donations go. But it’s frustrating how Chrome for a Cause rooted in a scarcity model — in which organizations must compete rather than collaborate.

6 November 2009

To Causes, leaving MySpace to focus on its core community on Facebook made good business sense, but certainly those organizations left in the lurch on MySpace feel otherwise. Simply put, you can’t rely on third-party, often for-profit services to support your organization’s interests. While it’s important to let go of your message, you still need to have control over your relationships — and in many online social networks, you don’t. What would it look like if nonprofits and social change movements — which these third party applications often use to market themselves as effective and “good” — started demanding some openness?

26 July 2008

“If you’re serious about raising money from donors, you need to get
serious about donors. More than ever before, donors are insisting that
you share power with them, not treating them like passive ATMs. This
blog is about the ways you can do that — and the rewards that await
you and your donors when you do.” Jeff Brooks

26 July 2008

“The Getting Attention blog is a source of ideas, tactics, and tips for nonprofit communicators focused on helping their organizations succeed through effective marketing.” Nancy E. Schwartz

6 April 2009

ChipIn is a fundraising “widget” that allows you to easily collect money on your website, blog, or social networking profile (such as MySpace or Facebook). What ChipIn excels at isn’t in replacing your existing “donate now” button, but in small, concrete fundraising campaigns that have a clear goal and endpoint. The ChipIn widget provides a graph of how close you are to your goal, and automatic “thank you” emails can be customized. Money collected can be channeled to a PayPal account, direct deposit or a traditional paper check. Take a look at Beth Kanter’s case study below for ideas on how to create effective fundraising campaigns using this kind of widget. The second Social Actions article gives a good roundup of all of the fundraising widgets out there if you want to explore other options.

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