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Advocacy Online includes articles on online community organizing for social causes or political campaigns; mobilizing for advocacy on a specific issue; connecting activists with legislators and political leaders; networks and flash mobs for direct action and visible protest; advocacy-oriented social networks such as change.org and The Hub; and advocacy suites such as Democracy in Action.

15 March 2014

Investigate how sustainable social change has transpired in the past, and you’ll be closer to effecting change in the future.

12 April 2013

It’s no wonder Dan is so popular among the TED crowd — business leaders and wealthy technologists who can see a product in every social trend.

What’s more mystifying is why Dan Pallotta would be popular among nonprofits, activists, and social changemakers. It’s clear Dan has no substantive message for them.

9 April 2010

Online activism didn’t come out of nowhere. The methods and tactics of online activists — be they individuals or international nonprofits with hundreds of staff — are drawn on social change movements and community organizing strategies that have been tried, experimented with, failed, tweaked, and tried again, long before the Internet existed.

13 November 2009

Last week, Special Envoy to Sudan Gen. Scott Gration sat down with representatives from Save Darfur and the student network STAND for an unprecedented live Q&A, webcast directly from the White House website. The webcast was notable not just for its interactivity — members of both STAND and Save Darfur were encouraged to submit questions, which were then asked directly of Gration on air — but for its accountability.

6 April 2007

Although these two panels — “Leveraging the Power of Participatory Media” and “The Future of Online Outreach” — were held separately at the 2007 Nonprofit Technology Conference, I thought that they related so well that I’d present them together.

30 May 2006

It seems important to me to keep these different types of elites in mind as we think about the intersections of technology and social change. One way of achieving change is by appealing to the state’s powerholders — traditional power, that is. But throughout history, coalitions of people without this power have banded together to effect change. It may be that among the three other types of elites, a social movement can emerge that represents true democratic change.

24 April 2008

Ivan Boothe, for example, says his organization’s goal is to “involve people who are active and educated about the issue who become leaders as members. Our members are not just a mailing list. GI-Net is all about giving up control … Organizations need more than a membership card. We are creating a permanent anti-genocide constituency.”

26 July 2008

“Online advocacy tools and tactics.” Colin Delany explores the intersection of politics and technology, with a specific focus on nonprofits and social change organizations using innovative methods and online technology to achieve their goals.

26 July 2008

Care2’s blog on nonprofit online communications, advocacy and social networking.

26 July 2008

Britt Bravo blogs about individuals and organizations pursuing social change through innovative online methods. She has particular expertise in advising nonprofits on creating podcasts, and oversees NetSquared’s podcast series. In addition to other NetSquared duties, she coordinates the “think tank” blog series.

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